Generation Harangue

Pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel demonstrations roiling our college campuses and city streets have manifested into the sort of antisemitism Americans would’ve believed ourselves immune. That these moils are predominated by a generation we will bequeath this nation portends badly for our country’s future.

Maybe the collegians who comprise a shrill large portion of Generation Harangue intend doing their utmost to disprove American exceptionalism insofar as different heritages attempting to form a smooth functioning society. Instead, have they proven right-wingers correct? Highly lauded as new virtues of critical thinking, diversity, and inclusion are extolled, can these staunch the very baseness of human hearts?

Gauging by a cohort thoroughly indoctrinated in lessons which were to have made them more open and receptive than their elders, apparently not. After all, as we see, hear, and read daily, more and more of Generation Harangue approves of Hamas’ free and easy horror through murder, rape, and kidnapping. Tough to know where to place greater disgust – in Hamas’ barbarity or Westerners idolizing it.

The manifestations that have erupted Stateside since Hamas terrorists rampaged throughout Israeli kibbutzim along the Gaza Strip in early October have increased in virulence. Initially these were peaceful assemblies in response to a view that Israel inflicted disproportionate punitive measures in Gaza. This quickly morphed into steady outbursts of mindless Jew-hate hectoring that might’ve warmed Joseph Goebbels.

“Israel is being unduly harsh!” rants Generation Harangue malcontents. In increasing frequency, selective vision has squeezed their sight, blackened their reasoning. Worse, it erased memories of the immediate searing past.

October 7th, 2023, is now faded history. This date holds scant value for today. Somehow the present encompasses the 75 years of Israel’s existence as seen from Palestinian “suffering” rather than the self-preservation behind the Jewish nation’s founding.

In 1945, Nazi Germany had been pulverized. Revelation of the extermination camps were exposed to the world. Supreme Allied Commander and future United States President Dwight Eisenhower emphatically demanded extensive photographic evidence be compiled of the atrocities committed in German killing factories. The general knew people. He knew without irrefutable proof, there would be movements by nefarious propagandists who’d deny a modern state initiated policies that produced mass murder on an industrial scale.

Despite Eisenhower’s foresight, he could not see how future eras would produce mind manipulators adept enough to convince already wavering intellectually enfeebled young simps readily willing to brush off amply proven events backed by evidence. Generation Harangue dogmen have slept-walked many steps farther than Eisenhower possibly could’ve imagined naysayers of his time.

Today we have at hand for our disgust evidence of the crimes Hamas committed in Israel. Against Israelis. Jews and Arabs. Foreign laborers. Foreign visitors. Vacationers. Exchange students. Concert-goers.

Hopped up on meth Hamas marauders wore body cams. All to record their depravations. Doubtlessly Hamas chiefs planned distribution of slaughter porn compilation videos that ought have revved up similarly inhumane cells of wannabe terrorists festering throughout that swath.

While decent people can rightly be sickened by such relentless images, Hamas would’ve seen the rawest of raw footage as recruiting tools. “Be all you can be,” indeed.

Somewhere in their confusion of right and wrong, even Generation Harangue dogmatics for Hamas – yeah, they envision themselves as Palestinian rights backers, but already at this stage of the game they’re more than mere Hamas fellow travelers but the organization’s useful idiots – know such evidence sours any proclaimed righteousness for “the Palestinian Cause.” Instances have occurred where confiscated recordings of what Hamas terrorists inflicted upon Israelis on October 7th have been shown to influential individuals in the West.

Forewarned, these machers who attended were revulsed at the most degenerate cinema verité filmed ever. It didn’t emerge from a script, helmed by a director or performed by actors and actresses. There was no makeup or special effects. Death was real, not reel. Hatred spumed then splattered out of the bleakest recesses of humanity.

Serious people, um, adults, watched these indiscriminate murders, rapes, dismemberments, and kidnappings of Israelis. Although shouldn’t the preferred audiences have been unformed, misinformed, immature Generation Harangue shriekers lost in the first thrush of giving body and soul to a dubious cause?

Oh! Oughtn’t those videos have prompted the rudest of awakenings?

Aware the graphic recordings’ persuasiveness would undercut, undermine, oh, outright demolish justifications for carnage by Hamas that had been voluminously promoted to advance “the Palestinian Cause,” Generation Harangue diatribalists tried disrupting the viewings. Failing these attempts, they protested at the venues. Then they bawled about the unfairness heaped against them.

Shouting against the truth. Loud refusal to acknowledge the truth. Just two ways of admitting indirect complicity.

For direct complicity, let’s look to those Generation Harangue vandals so enraged there are kidnap victims which further steep Hamas’ image in blood. The terrorists’ American supporters and its adherents elsewhere throughout the West beaver maniacally to erase traces of the snatched and grabbed.

If remembered, after the September 11th, 2001, attacks victims’ relatives and friends posted flyers beseeching the public’s attention. Perhaps people presumed to have perished in the New York or Washington conflagrations somehow escaped death. And maybe the trauma disoriented survivors into becoming confused and lost. Maybe passersby saw them, could recognize these figures off the flyers.

Of course, those flyers sprung from the abject grief of intimates quite aware no other recourses existed. Understandable they just didn’t want any farewells to loved ones or intimates. Their presences on the flyers kept them on the forefront of our consciences that much longer.

We must wonder today whether such American dogmatics for al Qaeda were among us then as there are Western ones for Hamas now. Would they have also yanked down and torn apart those flyers as pro-Hamas extremists do posters of kidnapped Israeli captives?

In a perfect world, any released hostage gets to confront the grinning monsters who defaced kidnapped posters. At that moment those freed get to unload uncomfortably direct questions.

In a Twilight Zone episode world those same poster defilers get to awake the next day suddenly and inexplicably imprisoned inside a Gaza tunnel. There, he or she gets to share the same torments they’d unfeelingly consigned hostages whose images they’d desecrated.

In closing, let me relate a recent television news segment I found transfixing.

One evening in a major American city, opposing groups of demonstrators for Israel and Palestine faced off. As far as these events go, neither side rumbled with the other. Nonetheless, those advocating the “Palestinian Cause” heaped invective and hurled scorn. Calmer, surer, some on the line for Israel tried debating the intransigents. Debate. Not exchange harangues. Par for the course. Nothing new. Except …

Except a man and woman had calved off from their respective main bodies. She was Jewish. A woman who rightly worried what might await down unknown roads. He epitomized big, dumb, young, white guy cocksureness. It was nothing seeing him older as a dead husband. One who’d pushed, slapped, and punched his wife once too often and wound up ventilated by her through one of his own unnecessary guns.

Anyway, the Jewish counter-protester’s points just kept bouncing off his head. His rude blitheness frustrated her. So much so, she started crying. He mistook her reaction for weakness. Weakness of argument. Weakness as a woman.

No. If he’d been listening rather than simply hearing, he might’ve somehow grasped her point: the slaughter on October 7th could’ve devoured her. Or family members. Or friends. She could’ve been in Israel visiting. They could’ve been there visiting a settlement in that desert as well. Had any been there at that time in a targeted kibbutz, Hamas would done its damnedest to dehumanize them.

Or even drag survivors off to Gaza. There, the captives might’ve have been paraded as “spoils of war” before vanishing into Gaza City’s catacombs. Yet if what she meant even capable of piercing his thick skull, it’s doubtful he could’ve imagined himself in that predicament.

See, he saw himself as a regular white guy, not Jewish.

Here’s the profile he probably believed he fit – as a regular white guy, not Jewish, Hamas would realize greater advantage in releasing him. With certainty he’d believe Hamas terrorists would have second/third/however many thoughts about the resulting deployment of American devil dogs throughout Gaza. With little prompting, he’d admit the thought of the insertion of United States Marines would serve as his talisman.

That is if he could conceive of a talisman. Other than a rabbit’s foot. Didn’t do that hare any good, did it?

Here’s another point of hers he missed: Hamas kills indiscriminately. It proved this again on the first weekend of October 2023. And has continued since by sacrificing Gazans to serve as human shields.