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White Panic!

Whoever stuck the “Meinpage” or “Mein Space” handle on the right-wing social media refuge/platform Parler is a genius. As for “Parler” itself, what? Pout was taken?

Too bad Americans can’t palaver anymore. At one time in our fairly recent past, erudition and eloquence bridged what suited our nation’s “right” and “left” camps.

Now, between dumbing down discussion in public forums and the inability to debate certain subjects in groves of higher academe, Americans can’t speak to one another honestly without triggering sensitivities that deafen one side and make us all dumb.

Hearing how American English has been distorted, little wonder our national fabric is tattered. Accommodating and mollifying this subset and that has diminished our society of the one thing binding us. Language.

Little by little, the changes imposed by this week’s aggrieved group on our tongues fosters resentment throughout our polity. Loathe as I am to give what would’ve been Joseph Goebbels’ favorite broadcaster – Fox News – any due, it recognized early how former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s perversion of speech adversely influenced the most susceptible Americans.

Lower earning, undereducated, White Anglo Saxons living beyond large cities, bereft of being among diverse populations. Indeed, this was Newt’s kind of clay. And through fiendish handling he molded them into dim grotesques. They and their equally stupid successors comprised nearly half of the 2020 electorate. If allowed, these people would’ve eventually let our once great nation devolve into an unrecognizable, uninhabitable, slouching, scratching, belching realm of braying imbeciles.

True Americans need to congratulate ourselves from saving them from themselves.

If rational viewers can watch Fox News, it becomes quickly apparent that certain phrases are hammered and the station’s presenters do masterful jobs of nailing points rather than report news. Of course we all know that Fox News doesn’t report news. It’s listed as an entertainment provider.

Few of the mindless drooling boobs watching its incessant appeal-to-the-worst harangues know this; know that their fears are being stoked in order to divide us as well as sell schemes floating dubious safe money havens. The kind unsecured by any oversight.

Fox News needed the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine, otherwise it never could’ve polluted our airwaves. Before hairy-heeled Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp. foisted mass media corrosion on the American public, a truly responsible government assured comment and reportage never commingled. That alone spared unwitting viewers decades of deception masquerading as information. Aware of this discrepancy, perhaps greater skepticism of Fox News’ content might’ve dissuaded its audiences from swallowing commentators’ opinions as having been verified truthful.

Reading an out-of-town newspaper last week, I was struck seeing each editorial page column prefaced by caveats the proceedings were the contributors’ opinions, not news. Before Fox News obliterated the line between straight news and advocacy, such would’ve been unnecessary.

Until barking heads on TV and radio screamers ultimately bludgeoned less dynamic America into believing their misguided rants to be considered as worthwhile bulletins, only boobs mistook commentary for news. Indeed, how low the national IQ has sunk under Fox News.

Right-wingers fleeing facts to join Parler don’t want truth. They wish for an echo chamber which repeats often grossly wrong assumptions. That’s not news. That’s perpetuating ignorance.

Something in prospective Parler contributors’ and consumers’ makeup make them resist the new, the different. They’ve found succor in fastening themselves to the past. They are unwilling to yield to the present. For them tomorrow cannot exist unless it continues yesterday.

Enjoyable as it would be blaming mindsets of the brown-shirted and black-hearted on today’s incendiary conduits contaminating public chatter, that would mislead. Instead the current growing schism between open-minded, forward-looking Americans and our stubbornly intransigent fellow citizens stems from this nation earlier addressing what it’d denied great swaths of our citizenry.

Our founding documents promise equality, fairness, and justice for all. Only in the last 60-70 years – maybe – have we seriously begun redressing these stark imbalances. The sense some Americans have by raising people or groups once suppressed or repressed – through agreement tacit or open – means they’re being lowered or devalued. This has confused them into fear. The idea a man or woman society, community, individuals others once might’ve deemed as “inferior” suddenly being elevated to just stature reorders a lot of closely-held thinking.

Well, if it doesn’t it damn well should.

When the United States finally started living up to its promises and began redressing historic wrongs committed here and abroad, we all needed to have taken pride in the strength and confidence reflected in such undertakings. Only the weak refuse admitting their errors. Weaker still is exerting effort to deny them and blunt remedies.

From labor, women’s, and civil rights movements’ striving to fix inequities to Barack Obama acknowledging this nation’s less savory global conduct, there has been a high percentage of Americans wishing our aberrations had remain unspoken, hidden. They’d have preferred them whitewashed from our heritage. Somehow through depredations committed upon ourselves and others elsewhere we were to remain pristine in our own eyes.

Neat trick, but the energy required for such cleansing self-deception was unnecessarily enervating. Instead, that effort could’ve been better served towards national renewal and improvement. If so, we’d be better off approaching 2021.

Through every emergence of Americans trying to get out from under others’ thumbs or escaping the deepest shadows of marginalization, those affected, those working towards change, have experienced furious opposition. Behind what benefits remain to laboring Americans, clearer playing fields for women, and less blatant racism besetting non-Anglos took struggles making our own current ones against the dual whammies of epidemic and Trumpian indifference to it appear walks in the park.

Broken arches from marching, busted heads from protesting, eyes glazing over after the drudgery of organizing, all these necessary in the perseverance against flat-out wrong lifted every American, despite a great many of us detesting the results.

Evaluating Parler, we should regard it as a spasm similar to long-ago newspaper readers and early television news audiences. Many who consumed events then were aghast when working people, women, the black and brown complexioned broke the yokes in which mainstream society had confined them. Somehow objectively reporting conditions too many of their fellow citizens endured ruined the country’s false image. It made those eras “USA!-USA!-USA!” yahoos uneasy for all the wrong reasons. Rather than outraged at injustice, it disturbed their complacency about “Murrica.”

At best, these presentations made them realize they’d either been deceived or willing dupes.

It is one thing to have eyes opened and deciding to rectify bad situations. It is another to be faced with same then taking comfort in being an accomplice in any order which disputes and confronts the good forces disgusted with disgrace.

Parler provides a quite comfortable swamp for the latter.

News Beast

Return us to the old days of reportage. Before Fox News obliterated the line between reporting and commentary, a boundary separated them. Something about adhering to genuine ethics. Another worthwhile bit of character we’ve misplaced during our digital age.

Aware that other cultures seldom bothered with such clear-cut distinctions, Americans were once assured, perhaps smugly and righteously so, that dislike the news presented, disagree with whatever and however the editorial page disturbed, the latter never colored the former. While opinions could waver between highly principled and batshit crazy, who, what, where, when, and how weren’t massaged to inflect some political, social, ideological, or theocratic point of view.

News Corp publications skewed the old emphasis. Fox News eradicated it. Continue reading News Beast