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Calling Out Contemptibles

Nothing like squeezing some spleen to make the blood gush.

Facebook is becoming worthless. It is a compromised entity. One that finds no problem letting reactionaries summon followers. But let true Americans respond to the menace facing our nation and suddenly community standards are insisted upon. Good Americans need to ask Is Facebook our enemy?

I’ve poised that question on Twitter because Facebook, a formerly benevolent now increasingly malevolent creation of a Dobbs Ferry boy turned Frankenstein’s monster, Mark Zuckerberg, has gone squirrelly. His portal dinged me for a day in September because some nitwit who aspires to be a halfwit entered the ring against an adult.

I didn’t bother taking his measure. That’s how obvious a weak sister he was. I just rhetorically slapped him a few times and called him “Nancy.” Astonishingly the dope was butt hurt.

What else could’ve been expected?

There is a growing suspicion across the nation that the minions overseeing Facebook’s community standards have been steadily infiltrated by incels intent on skewing the content presented rightward. Just anecdotally this appears the case.

Anyway, as I’ve previously stated, anyone can enter the arena. However not just anyone should split the ropes and climb into the ring.

While we all should admire those taking the bold steps into the ring, none of us need esteem the sorry results of the pissants lacking ability to handle themselves capably between the ropes. So I handed my challenger’s weak beer ass back to him with a pink ribbon attached.

Readers, in case you haven’t been paying attention, I’m 51:49 in the sweetheart to SOB ratio. I advise any finding fault with what appears not to push it because I jump hot quick.

Somewhere throughout Metropolitan New York, my former associates have read the above, are nodding their heads, and saying, “That’s the kind of guy he is.”

I considered throwing the name of the malefactor in this Slow Boat Media post. I just might. What’s he going to do? Complain? To who? To me? Boo-hoo, Bong-Bong.

Wouldn’t his be the sort of claim that should rightly award ridicule?

It’s like asking me whether I want to voluntarily attend a Trump Bund rally. Once the laughter stops, there’s your answer.

Until this one, Slow Boat Media posts had concerned themselves with aspects which had solely interest me, general interest, or interests specific to our time. Despite all the stupid shit that sometimes swirled around my ankles out here in the once golden now smoky West, I never felt the urge to devote much to “dumb fucks with whom I have interacted and with whom I’ve contended.”

I observe objectively and only comment subjectively when necessary. Or where it improved the telling. Didn’t I state sometime at the very start of this endeavor that occasionally if it improved the telling the story told might be embellished?

Better than honest, I’m true to myself. Few, if any, of my detractors can make the same claim about themselves. I mean honestly. Then again few, if any, of my detractors can stand on two feet. Most of them don’t know any better and prefer to situate their sorry selves on four paws.

Was the unfettered honesty of this post necessary? Yup. Refreshing, too. The weekend prompting this post absolutely taxed my ability to deal with fools. In Gotham, I mustn’t expend such energy and effort on boobs because even if dopes weren’t sharp – and knew they were dummies – they faked having something on the ball. A New Yorker, I appreciated their effort to be something they weren’t.

What’s that called? Artifice? If honestly pursued and honestly portrayed it should be honestly accepted even though the performer and his or her audience know its dishonest. One of the pillars of civilization – well-meant dishonesty.

It advances society.

Thanks to technology I can take an unfettered stand. So can you, dear reader … if you’re also willing to absorb opprobrium. Me? I have no problem with brickbats because I always strive to give better than I get.

During the last decade the occasions which I’ve shown mercy, have let up, have relented might consist of a handful. A small handful. A Trump-sized hand at that. Therefore, if you take offense at some social media comment I’ve made and do something inciteful like reply with vinegar – vigor’s okay – I will skip thinking twice and automatically do my utmost to answer in a pointed manner that pierces.

From the pain I’ve heard this procedure inflicts I understand it’s damn-skippy unpleasant. So what? Tough. If you’ve been dumb enough to raise my ire, pay the price. And herewith the phrase summing up our era, “Not sorry.”

Before social media, when I still worked as a newspaperman, the best job a Citizen Kane fan ever could’ve had, and those happy years spent reporting for my hometown newspaper at that, one requiring daily deadlines to have been met, no way I could’ve been as direct.

This digital presence permits liberty. Once in an article, I described the capabilities of its subject as “mediocre.” Or something middling like that.

By the howling that resulted, one might’ve believed I accused him of being a commie pedophile who ripped tags off mattresses. Ladies and gentlemen, in the United States it’s not a crime being a member of the Communist Party. Or a socialist, follower of an entirely different ideology. Unless you live in less dynamic America or operate out of police precinct. In both the TV dial is nailed on what would’ve been Joseph Goebbels’ absolutely favorite ignorance nurturing programing, Fox News, an entertainment broadcaster masking its puerile presentations as, wait for it … news.

So, I’ve welcomed social media. It’s allowed me to hang out my own shingle – beneath which I can tell people and entities to perform all sort of rude acts of debasement. Like the mouth-breather in less dynamic America who sicced Facebook on me for a day.

Can we look past Facebook’s clear failures such as letting losers stalk old high school flames? Or letting angry white males mentally crippled by sexual dysfunction finding “manly” cures in the placebos of big, long, hard guns? Or awards credence to the blatant misquoting of Scripture by godless evangelicals? In the false pursuit of even-handedness, shall we let Facebook hinder true Americans from impugning demonic right-wing traitors who soil, disgust, and disgrace the United States?


Know that line from a lot of Western movies – “Hangin’s too good fer ‘em”? Does that not apply to the Queens mook, his criminal enablers, and selfish supporters too stupid to realize they’re advocating slicing their own throats? Shall we extend this judgment to those good Nazis manning Facebook’s community standards desk?


Nonetheless Facebook has made me wholeheartedly agree with one precept of Karl Marx – owning the means of production. Like being the king, it’s also good to be the boss.

Ladies and gentlemen, that freedom behind telling others to “go fuck themselves” is liberating and exhilarating. I advise finding someone or something deserving of the same and letting loose.

Skewed Views and News

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News Beast

Return us to the old days of reportage. Before Fox News obliterated the line between reporting and commentary, a boundary separated them. Something about adhering to genuine ethics. Another worthwhile bit of character we’ve misplaced during our digital age.

Aware that other cultures seldom bothered with such clear-cut distinctions, Americans were once assured, perhaps smugly and righteously so, that dislike the news presented, disagree with whatever and however the editorial page disturbed, the latter never colored the former. While opinions could waver between highly principled and batshit crazy, who, what, where, when, and how weren’t massaged to inflect some political, social, ideological, or theocratic point of view.

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Clearer Accounting

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Hearing and reading the unsupported scorn against the president, a casual observer might believe he’s led the nation into dire straits rather than from them. By all tangible measures the United States sits in a far superior position than upon his ascension at 12:01 p.m., on January 21st, 2009. Period. Continue reading Clearer Accounting

You Are the Quarry


    With no apologies to the Moz.

    Anonymous denunciation inspires this post. On one of the social sites to which I contribute, a correspondent objected to a topic dissected by the Slow Boat Media surgeon. 

    Which post, what aspect, who knows? Only the person skulking in the shadows can inform, and he or she won’t. Can’t confess without a backbone.

     On one hand, these social media boards are terrific because exchanges run the gamut between thoughtful erudition and freewheeling irreverence. Doesn’t matter whether God’s a dog or American intelligence services are financing Cuban Twitter. On the other, more pernicious hand, distance and cloaking permit espousals that likely would’ve remained unstated. These convictions are the sort that ought to have continued seething behind sour breasts.

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Frolic and Friction

    The initial subject of this post was to have flogged Properly Stirred, the 2013 Slow Boat Media explicit exploits extravaganza. (Properly Stirred is available through Amazon Kindle.) However, incipient background upheaval and a timely dovetailing of international relations with anecdotal observations favor the topical subject.

    President Obama’s recent cancellation of bilateral discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin has set the “be afraid, be very afraid” segment of America into full peek in the closets/check under the beds mode. For them, the sudden spate of bug-out embassy and consular evacuations was soothing music. More sanguine Americans saw these closures as large scale security theater panic.

    Aware of history and the threat against our nation, menace cannot be discounted. Yet in the 21st century haven’t we yielded common sense vigilance to Bernard Breakdown instances of quivering uncontrollable fear?

    Similar to Breakdown, a Dick Tracy villain from the early 1980s, it takes little to disrupt the security apparatus’ coping mechanism.  

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