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Fear Eats Itself

Remarkable, isn’t it, how many Anglos are fearful of a Muslim threat against America that doesn’t exist? At least not in this hemisphere. For this Americans of all hues and creeds can thank the civil rights movement.

All that marching, picketing, and boycotting we may now download and view in digitalized black & white equalized a lot of boats. The movement also brought into the mainstream a good number of immigrants whose origins sat outside what too many of our native born citizens saw as acceptable lands of heritage.

Southern and Eastern Europeans performed their obligations towards integration while assimilating, but having reassuring complexions and religious beliefs somewhere near the country’s predominant Christianity also eased their entry into society. The civil rights movement is the reason why the United States shouldn’t suffer Europe’s same level of random violence nor the polarization between Muslims and non-believers.

American society has yet to impose the same weight of frustration on the Muslim community. But Donald Trump and his gang are doing their damnedest to recoup lost time.

Only Anglo fright can snap the established compact America subtly demands and enforces upon every new group migrating here; to assimilate. Not erase their identities or deny their origins, though subsume their old values to our shared national characteristics.

Two masters cannot be served. Two allegiances cannot be honored.

In Europe, authorities and citizens mistakenly permitted Muslims to hold their own distinctions above whatever commonalities bound the respective country. Rather than bring the newcomers into the nation’s general fold, the immigrants and successive landed generations were left alone to form enclaves which the natives gradually found somewhat impenetrable. Across time these neighborhoods became “no-go zones” as far as the majorities were concerned.

Imagine being an American unable to walk through some areas here not because of legal strictures but from their alien natures.

On our side of the Atlantic, integration insisted Muslims add their tiles to our mosaic; to become “Americans.” While retaining heritages to which they could refer, in essence we saw them as part of our amalgamation. They quickly regarded themselves in the same manner.

Rightly so.

Unlike the Old World, Muslims weren’t purely seen and treated as “strangers” in America. Well, not until the 2016 presidential campaign at least.

Even the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks failed unleashing the same level of anti-Muslim vitriol as has Der Trump’s crusade. Although Sikhs were targeted because of their turbans, these headpieces being mistaken for Arab kaffiyehs by trigger-happy, gun-nut ignoramuses, sane authority and a society which mostly overcame its anxieties of terrorism managed tamping down all but the most deplorable of us.

Unfortunately almost 16 years later the ignorant and intolerant now shakily hold the country’s reins. Der Trump’s political caravan and its joke’s on us ascension into the Oval Office has perverted reason and rational voices from above.

Why, hasn’t the short-fingered vulgarian’s ratbag administration given full-throated license to the already unhinged and always violence prone infesting our society to harass and discriminate against our Muslim fellow Americans? Indeed, it has.

That’s not leadership. It’s goading the mob. Once, Americans could depend on our leadership being correct and accountable. Not with Der Trump. There will be little, if any, of either under his baying, red-in-the-face, beer hall rule administration.

Despite the lingering stain of slavery, the countenancing of systemic discrimination in bondage’s aftermath, and the near extermination of the continent’s indigenous population, the United States retains one sterling virtue.

The Republic has never been convulsed by religious strife. At his most base, who can’t see Der Trump whipping up such calamity?

Until Der Trump’s spew of fear and discrimination, hadn’t Muslims fairly made themselves inconspicuous in America? It took the vile pig and his bund of anti-American reactionaries to “radicalize” Islam on these shores.

Not enough Americans realize Muslims have been part of what became the Republic since the Dutch colonized New Amsterdam. In fact those some irrationally despise and whose bona fides as true Americans they question have roots deeper than the ethnics who flooded the country during its much gloried migratory waves.

Perhaps if Muslims had drawn squeaky wheel attention to their insecurities that would’ve made them more accepted. Similar to the earliest arriving Europeans, maybe Muslims have little need to organize recognitions of their contributions to the United States. Having been present as Colonials, what would the reason have been? They have nothing to prove to themselves or others.

Not only surely Yankees, Muslims are securely Americans.

The last election illustrated a pronounced divide among our citizens. One popular thought has a gulf between elites and non-elites. Somehow today being an elite earns disparagement, while being common is an aspired status.

Not in the real world. And not ever.

Since the matter in question is outlook rather than social standing, shouldn’t the preferences swing between cosmopolitans and the uncomplicated? No surprise the latter infest the country’s less dynamic regions. That portion of our populace evolves grudgingly, if at all. They resist the new, the now, the unusual, with a vehemence suggesting life-and-death struggles. While new isn’t always better, habitual dismissal of it not only shows a closed mind, but one also hermetically sealed.

Most Americans who arbitrarily slot our Islam-following fellow citizens as religious Fifth Columnists might’ve benefited by having interactions with them. Of course that would’ve required proximity to where they resided and curiosity about the neighbors.

(To be continued)

Heirs to Death

Congratulations to all those who’ve graduated from American service academies commissioned as second lieutenants or ensigns. Americans are thankful you’ve chosen to be professional military leaders who’ll command forces defending these shores.

While the above is the preferred job description, their profession encompasses the less savory demands of our modern capitalist republic. These United States no longer face adversaries which threaten its being. Therefore, any taking up defense of this super state is a misstatement.

Not since the Roaring Twenties have our armed forces been so intricately bound with corporate interests. Even during Vietnam there had been some pretense of halting the nefarious spread of nationalism mistaken as communism. It was just right place, right time luck that DuPont and Bell Helicopter reaped fantastic profits. What had once been a straight-forward picket of sovereignty is now far more protection and expansion of the super state’s great overseas mercantile concerns. Continue reading Heirs to Death

Fair Play

Nice to have the steel-toed shoe on the other foot. All the better with which to kick.

The Schadenfreude to be enjoyed drops directly from the 2016 election results.

Given a clear choice between vast experience and absolute unpreparedness, between a first-rate temperament for governing or petulance and impatience intolerable in well-run enterprises, between a superior intellect brimming with curiosity and a small mind formed and locked early, less than half of American voters chose disaster. Unfortunately, our no longer great nation remains beholden to the last vestige of slavery.

The Electoral College.

Undeserving though awarded our presidency nonetheless, Donald Trump personifies the least of the United States. In his bloated, billowy, and bloviating presence he is the antithesis of “American exceptionalism.”

He is quite common and surpasses crass. Continue reading Fair Play

Weak and Worthless

The United States is no longer inspirational. Our people have surrendered aspiration. This Republic has assumed the vilest qualities of Donald Trump, a pig who has been awarded our presidency.

Gone are the verve, curiosity, and intellect which propelled our formerly great nation. Removed is the fresh-faced visage and vigor which once made us indispensable among all countries inhabiting the earth.

Under Der Trump the United States is sliding from vital into nonessential. Continue reading Weak and Worthless

It Can Be Said

Larry Flynt made a Las Vegas appearance recently. The Hustler publisher visited Southern Nevada for the grand opening of another of his adult novelties emporia.

Although I seldom bother glancing at Hustler – the magazine’s content is too artless for my taste – I nonetheless trekked over to Flynt’s new smut hut. Not because I’ve become more prurient, but in our encroaching Donald Trump times it just seemed proper to pay homage to Flynt, a man who rose to the forefront of defending and strengthening our First Amendment.

While he doesn’t suit any image Americans prefer of their heroes, the Hustler publisher has done much to preserve and expand our ability to opine without censure or censoring. Had Flynt lost his fight, the public’s room to dissent, to ridicule, to deflate, would’ve been circumscribed today.

Too many Americans misunderstand the First Amendment. A great many of us mistakenly believe it only pertains to them, what they believe is “good” and “decent.” The amendment doesn’t only provide protections for views we favor. It also secures much of what we may find objectionable. That is the measure’s greatest strength. Continue reading It Can Be Said

Mr. Charlie Empties His Mind

Likely a great many Donald Trump supporters are furious at the furor raised by their candidate’s long-ago intemperate remarks concerning the mating rituals of rich and crass males.

The rest of us are pleased seeing Mr. Free Association’s verbosity hoisting him by his balls. Also nice to hear his lack of impulse control isn’t a recent development. Continue reading Mr. Charlie Empties His Mind

Fractured Fairytales 2016

Don’t two fables form the weak backbone of Donald Trump’s presidential jihad?

Der Trump’s war against America borrows heavily from The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Scorpion and the Frog.

Unlike the first’s titled character, it is the Der Trump’s social media minions and the florid barking attendees at his rallies who are exposed. If the narcissus’ crusade actually holds any rational calculations, these only seem hell-bent on discovering the depths to which the candidate can drive his slanders. Dim enlightenment among his followers won’t occur until even the most convinced clod supporting him finally comprehends this fraud’s derangement has now also become their delusion. Continue reading Fractured Fairytales 2016