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Hell Press

Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his wife Meghan made the most informed of choices when they decided retreating from Britain’s royal forefront. Like Harry’ mother, the late Princess Diana, Meghan shows the likelihood of becoming an untraditional regal spouse.

It’s not farfetched stating those qualities were the ones which attracted him.

Proceeding a little further along the analysis, perhaps the couple’s magnetism strengthened through his unconscious revival that in some ways Meghan might resume and extend the sort of happiness he enjoyed with Diana. Maybe even recoup the loving environment in which he’d thrived as a boy.

No. Be assured Harry isn’t seeking a substitute mother figure in his wife. Besides being a distinct person in her entirety, Meghan possesses traits beyond his mother’s. Nonetheless who would disagree that if Diana could somehow opine, she’d admire the resolve freely inhabiting her daughter-in-law only Queen Elizabeth flashes.

About HRH – the Queen has learned plenty since Diana shook the House of Windsor’s mid-20 century complacency.

Before Diana’s tragedy, the Queen wouldn’t have countenanced mainline royals like Meghan and Harry dipping their toes into free agency. When Diana married into the family, she was expected to subsume herself and become a component of the whole unit.

The difference, though, in Harry and Meghan’s ultimate favor – they’re outside the line of secession. William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, their children, are in the hole after Charles. A real-life episode of King Ralph need occur before the Sussexes get anywhere near the throne.

Diana didn’t have that separation. She was expected to produce an heir and at least one spare then gladly spend the rest of her life prettily mummified in Charles’ shadow.

A woman with modern sensibilities, obviously the princess chafed at what became evermore constraining.
Like Harry, the Queen recognized Meghan’s modernity. Rather than attempt bridling her and fitting her with a bit, she remembered the still too recent past’s disaster. Instead, damning tradition and protocol the Queen did better than a brave thing. She did a smart thing. She accommodated the now. She made way for today in order to grant the greatest assurances for continued tomorrows.

The Queen perceives, and she’s keen on perception.

Otherwise she risked chasing off her grandson, and through that weaken whatever magic holds British subjects to their sovereign. Particularly UK’s younger subjects. The Queen remains adept enough to skate through that. But Charles …?

Also, and though she’s inscrutable, the Queen must realize that Meghan’s American biracial heritage brings out the lowest, most loathsome standards in Britain’s scandal sheets. Britain’s press is so lousy it makes Fox News seem enlightened by comparison.

What fun the daily printed organs of the isles’ “popular” press have had with the duchess can be likened to bearbaiting. Attitudes similar to mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging Anglo American news consumers, England’s white lowbrow daily news readership just doesn’t get or doesn’t want to get the delivered offenses heaped on those dark-complexioned, non-Christians, even the “wrong” Christians. However, those Britons who’ve ever been targeted by calumnies of the ignorant and arrogant understand the loud message. The meaning is clear. Through Britain’s yellow press, English curs hear the intended dog whistles and bay accordingly.

Again like here.

Say this about the United States – while we still can – our contentions, what roils our society finds ways to heat open air. In this country, relative little is brushed under the carpet or kindly ignored or neutered then buried under semantic dead ends.

What is unsuitable to print in Britain’s tabloid press? Americans should be grateful our reputable media agencies obey rules and practice objective reporting. (Items filling the editorial pages do not count towards reporting. All that comprises is commentary and opinions. Hence Fox News.)

Our noble media informs rather than deceives or sways us. This brings to light plenty of discomfort about ourselves. We are better knowing than leaving facts concealed from ourselves. Only hearing, seeing, or reading what elicits our favor is useless.

Although English culture’s much older and more developed than ours, casual brass tacks and air commonly cleared appear to have been bred out of their everyday discourse. That’s damned polite of them. Nonetheless Britain is full of “you people.” And through the scurrilous press Meghan is one of “them.”

There is no disputing that with readers of England’s scandalmongering newspapers.

Allowing the young couple to make its way beyond Britain and its intrusive and insulting press, the Queen might be acceding to Harry’s fondest wish. Now, who knows whether grandmother and grandson actually sat down and palavered the issue as boldly as what follows. After all, family ties aside doesn’t the Queen inspire measures of reticence and tongue-biting in everybody but Phillip?

By letting the Sussexes withdraw across the Atlantic to our New World, the Queen must’ve somehow agreed with Harry this decision the best action to avoid having the duchess possibly – eventually – hounded by English press jackals into an abutment. There are some incidents that don’t deserve repeating.

Survey Says

Technology is intrusive when it comes to mining consumers.

In the old days, sales pretty much determined products’ favorability along with foot traffic recorded in the establishment itself. Who would bother denying the success of a crowded store whose merchandise flew out the doors accompanied by a cacophony of cash registers?

Today, what is as simple as it was before? Continue reading Survey Says

Not Ready to Make Nice

One terrific result produced by the Donald Trump klepto- and kakacracy – no need to bother with restraint when any aspect of his crime organization administration is the subject.

Throughout the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency, the right never let the facts interrupt its false narrative. Right-wingers’ perversion of the story suited the narrow-minded, the flat-out bigoted, and ignorant continually inbreeding in less dynamic America. Continue reading Not Ready to Make Nice

Skewed Views and News

These days, when I hear some dope (if an American) supporting or a provocateur (if a paid agent of an adversarial country) praising Donald Trump, anyone aware of history can only imagine the level of Joseph Goebbels’ envy.

Were the Nazi Reichsminister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda among us bodily today, the distinct lack of resolve which now cores out the United States would warm his cold soul. It would do so because the credulous people we’ve become didn’t bother with much suspicion before swallowing whole the most puerile falsehoods ever conceived. Continue reading Skewed Views and News

Magnificent Arrogance

Were Time magazine founding publisher Henry Luce still alive, the man who’d coined the 20th century “the American Century” would today declare any extension of it dead.

Our epoch of true world influence stretched from the Jazz Age until Bolshevism collapsed under capitalist superiority. Although our Levant fiasco significantly diminished the nation’s prestige while emboldening adversaries, much of the global community still accepted the United States as the planet’s cock of the walk.

After wrong-footing throughout 2017, the only standing America retains is being musclebound and brainless. Continue reading Magnificent Arrogance

Fear Eats Itself

Remarkable, isn’t it, how many Anglos are fearful of a Muslim threat against America that doesn’t exist? At least not in this hemisphere. For this Americans of all hues and creeds can thank the civil rights movement.

All that marching, picketing, and boycotting we may now download and view in digitalized black & white equalized a lot of boats. The movement also brought into the mainstream a good number of immigrants whose origins sat outside what too many of our native born citizens saw as acceptable lands of heritage.

Southern and Eastern Europeans performed their obligations towards integration while assimilating, but having reassuring complexions and religious beliefs somewhere near the country’s predominant Christianity also eased their entry into society. The civil rights movement is the reason why the United States shouldn’t suffer Europe’s same level of random violence nor the polarization between Muslims and non-believers.

American society has yet to impose the same weight of frustration on the Muslim community. But Donald Trump and his gang are doing their damnedest to recoup lost time. Continue reading Fear Eats Itself