A Grim Silly Season

Looks like the 2021 Silly Season will be vicious. Usually, these months don’t leave much behind in the way of planet-realigning events. Uh, other than the outbreak of the Great War and Martin Luther King’s appearance at the Lincoln Memorial.

Safe to assume this August will deposit avoidable death on us as it further scars American society.

There’s no sanctioned start for the Silly Season. Let’s just claim it develops sometime between July Fourth and baseball’s All-Star Game. No one should expect its departure until the last Labor Day grill finally cools.

Or when the last grain of beach sand finally gets out of … everything.

For another summer our summer frolics will be beset with Covid. And unlike last year when it caught us all off-guard, now about half of us aren’t just prolonging the malady but worsening it.

Remedies are available and easily injected. Covid’s worst aspects can be blunted or avoided altogether. As the saying goes, “We have the means to our own preservation within our power.”

Had more of us practiced prudence and common sense atop that, much of our lives today should’ve already resumed whatever we’d considered their normal pursuits.

After 2020 who wasn’t looking towards 2021’s relief brought on by science and medicine? Now we should be catching up on and lapping the self-indulgence denied us last year.

Instead, thanks to skepticism brought on by the least of us, fellow Americans who are worse than greedy, stupid, and untrustworthy, we are regressing. The regression they’ve imposed on us is real, not like Mercury or Mars in retrograde.

Thanks to them we really are drifting backwards.

Those to whom I refer are the baldest opportunists. They are intent on drowning our nation in harm. They’ve discovered messages and effective delivery methods which allow them to lead imbeciles further astray down fatal roads.

And they dissemble hourly, daily.

Misleading dummies into their own ruin must motivate powerfully. It’s the sort of selfishness that excludes whatever we regard as humanity. I can’t imagine what it’s like to possess the ability to lead brainless members of the public towards their own demise.

Who can fathom being so twisted?

What ought to boggle minds about our current society is how vast a portion of us dispute science and medicine. Skepticism is understandable and perhaps to some extents even healthy. That is if the debate is honest. If so, facts and proof should crush specious arguments every time.

Elsewhere, yes. Not here in good ol’ ‘Murrica.

In these United States after four years of being misled by the short-fingered vulgarian and barking head reactionaries who polluted radio stations across the ether and through cable conduits on his behalf, contrarianism simply for the sake of being argumentative has great appeal to brain-dead swine who find rational thought nettlesome and inconvenient.

Yet to base life and death denials of proven cures on the verbal flatulence of someone shilling gold certificates over statements by virologists is a manifestation of indifference to one’s own life beyond mainlining Kool Aid, much less drinking it.

The means of our own salvation from this Covid contretemps actually waits for the refuseniks to come and join the rest of us by taking the healing measures themselves.

By now who doesn’t know that government, or as refuseniks call it, “gummint,” can’t compel citizens to be vaccinated? I agree with that myself. I want to have final say over what goes into my body … or even how I wish it to be treated.

The above is easy for a man to state. A woman doing the same … well, warm up some court somewhere.

Fortunately, our nation’s private entities mustn’t adhere to the same considerations.

While an employer can’t coerce personnel into getting vaccinated, it can be made a condition of employment. A choice. I’m glad to state some Las Vegas enterprises have given employees this one or the other decision: get vaccinated or get Covid tested weekly – at employees’ own expense.

There it is. Either comply one way or the other or find new employment.

True Americans can only hope that more and more entities throughout the country will resort to similar persuasion.

Maybe we’re even one step closer to a day when businesses will insist on inspecting vaccination cards before allowing potential customers, diners, whoever cross the thresholds into premises. No Constitutional rights will be violated. Businesses have rights to refuse service. Being a potential plague carrier certainly should bar plenty of doors.

For whatever boneheaded reasons skeptics, hardline disbelievers, drooling, knuckle-dragging Fox News viewers refuse to get the jabs. They prefer turning backs on mixtures which may keep them healthy, ease Covid’s effects should it strike them, or at best save their lives. How can anyone professing plenty to live for be against a fix that’ll save his or her life?

Readers, we must admit the obvious – such people are too dumb to live.

Timed as the hearings have been, the congressional investigation into the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021, has slopped into the Silly Season. During a more temperate time of year, say, weeks after Labor Day, Americans might’ve been transfixed by the Capitol Police officers’ testimony.

Now, though, in torrid summer, let me guarantee Americans are the least bit aware of the disquisitions presently scheduled in Washington, D.C.

At first, I expected droves of elected Republican officials and appointees on the federal level to support the Capitol PD. After all, listening to the common GOP officeholder doesn’t he or she gush blue? Wait. No. They bow and scrape to badge wearers. Oh, outwardly at least. But catch one bullshit summons and they’ll bitch like anyone some Joe Friday, Ponch or Jon has jammed up in an otherwise picayune situation.

I guess Republicans only back those few officers who’ve exceeded their authority upon the nonconformists, poor or darker complexioned among those they’re charged to protect and serve.

Okay. After what Americans have seen and heard, go ahead, fabricate something that’ll support your argument. Dispute me.

The idea that flat-out traitors – right-wingers all, not a progressive in sight – assaulting duly sworn officers futilely protecting a bastion of American democracy from the marauders’ vandalization as they shouted down law & order while chanting “respect the blue” slogans could’ve made for incredulous – incredulous, not “must-see” – TV along the lines of “Are you going to believe me or your lyin’ eyes!?” viewing and subsequent post-disbelief discussion. But ours being the Silly Season, Americans are for the most part incapable of navigating serious events requiring focus.

Yup. More Americans than we’d prefer to accept will swallow apparent lies while discounting the crimes having occurred before them. Four years of Donald Trump soiling the Oval Office proved this without a doubt.

What has convened in the House of Representatives and the struggle to scour ourselves of the Covid plague require attention. Ours.

Concentration is a hard attribute when the American herd has completely yielded to sun, fun, and frolic. Indeed, as always, the United States may not regain real purpose and direction until September.