Making Hash

    Strange. The fiscal shenanigans across these weeks involving the federal budget and stock market have silenced the usual yammering about privatizing social security. 

    Right now you’d need Sherpas, guide dogs, map, compass, and Diogenes to find one Jim Jones favored Kool-Aid drinker who’d demand plumping the stock market with social security money. 

    I wonder where they’ve all gone. Maybe gravity scared them away. 

    Given the market’s seemingly unceasing rise, I guess they’d forgotten a basic physics tenet as applied to economics: what goes up must come down. 

    August’s thud and splat must’ve been one harsh remedial lesson. 

    Naturally the invented “crisis” which unnecessarily occupied America and the world was avoidable. More than common sense, simple math could’ve staved off financial frenzy. 

    Had George W. Bush’s tax cuts been allowed to die the merciless death they deserved, had congressional Republican leadership recognized the nation required a lot less self-devouring ideology and more national accountability by simply boosting the debt ceiling, raising upper-percentile tax rates as well as slamming the tax code’s more egregious loopholes, Standard & Poor’s wouldn’t have frightened the Chinese into lecturing us on responsible management. 
    The Chinese!? Unbelievable! China, “the People’s Republic,” an inward, cautious behemoth which still pays coolie wages, stifles innovation, and suppresses its populace scolding us!? 

    Had the Republican-led House backhanded that Club for Growth boob and its less anchored Tea Party faction, among the most vocal for further distributing wealth upward, investment-dependent retirees wouldn’t be leading anxious days and enduring scary nights. The country’s credit rating also would’ve remained golden. 

    But no. The Republican mania for weakening Barack Obama overwhelmed constituents’ needs. Hell with country before party! Republican leadership decided to chuck all obligations and kowtow before the carpet-chewing fringe! 

    The party has gone so far as have its members sign pledges foreswearing any tax increases. Under any circumstances. Let’s hope no severe national emergency erupts or the death panels fabricated to scare those saps who would’ve benefited most from single-payer health care will have to forego per diems and volunteer their services. 

    It’s one thing to adhere to principles, but another to cut your own throat. 

    While the GOP has always been a business tool, its current strain is in absolute thrall to our society’s most unhinged and every segment of Flat-Earthers imaginable. Is it even the Republican Party anymore? If Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller could be resurrected for one day, wouldn’t each agree the party of Lincoln lacks rational leadership? 

    GOP loudmouth Rush Limbaugh doesn’t count. He’s a recovering addict. Although there are plenty appearing on Fox News who see and hear themselves (in a funhouse hall of mirrors or distortion chambers way) as bold thinkers and brave tribunes, their ignorance and quackery falls short of the governance we deserve threshold. 

    In any aspect. Whether it be science, society, economics or even faith. The fatheads misleading today’s Republicans are denying, intruding, miscalculating and trying to impose misrule in an anarchistic manner. 

    Instead of designs incorporating elephants predominating at the 2012 GOP convention, the mob may be better served through appropriating the red circled “A.” That is if they can wrest it from those autonomes rampaging throughout Britain. 

    Though they damn convention, anarchists are possessive of their symbols. Just proves even the exceptionally mindless have more on the ball than the Republican Party.


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